Why we’re changing to Karndean Flooring…

We love the look of real wood flooring. It has that homely, relaxed feel to it that fits so well with our style.

Carpets, ugh!  We’ve tried the all-singing-all-dancing bleachable, wool twist, Axminster – you name it.  The problem with carpets is they simply aren’t durable no matter their price tag, at least not in high throughput areas.  This is an ongoing issue where we have high footfall and wheelchair use.  Whilst we love the feel underfoot of carpets in bedrooms, they really don’t cut it when it comes to hallways, lounges, dining rooms.

We’re giving our floors a make-over!

Karndean flooring is the closest we can get to real wood without the unhygienic issues that this presents.  In the next few weeks we will be working with a local flooring specialist to have the ground floor carpets removed at Summerwood, and new Karndean flooring laid.

Benefits of Karndean LVT over real wood

“Our Designflooring is more hygienic than its natural counterpart. Not only is it easy to clean, but with its protective PU coating, unlike real wood, Karndean is a non-porous surface, meaning germs, dirt or bacteria won’t be able to find any cracks to seep into and harbour.  Our wood effect flooring is low maintenance and will keep looking great for years to come. With the benefit of being hard wearing, our products keep their appearance longer than their natural counterparts and are much easier to maintain as they require no sanding, staining or other frequent flooring treatments.” ––Karndean.

The process of laying Karndean is a complex one.  After the removal of our carpets the floors are prepared by specialists.  A layer of latex is poured and allowed to set.  This in itself presents quite a challenge for a busy household.  Sections will be closed off and coated, our priority to minimise disruption to all who live there.  Once dry, the flooring is laid on top of the latex and sealed.  The result should be a wonderful ‘real wood’ effect that is tough and durable and easy to keep clean.

We hope to then progress to having Karndean flooring in Redcroft.  As much as we love the Edwardian floorboards that currently grace the hallways, over a hundred years of tough love mean that they are showing signs of considerable wear and tear. Karndean is a compromise between retaining the charm of the historic building while giving a slightly more modern and hygienic twist.

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