Nature Garden Update!

You have been asking us to update you on the creation of a nature garden at Redcroft which is currently seeing David, R and S transforming a scrubby patch of wilderness behind the chicken run into a haven for wildlife. Here is an update from David from our senior team at Redcroft:

Session 13:

“Todays session saw the team commence the task of clearing all the old cement off the recovered patio slabs. This was found to be very hard work but ultimately will allow the team to partially patio the quiet area.

After undertaking this task the team decided to take a break from the nature garden and tackle another area of the garden near the house. The team displayed a real sense of team spirit and cleared an area of the garden which will see an expansion of the present memorial garden for their friends who are sadly no longer with us.

At the start of the session.
At the end of the session.

Session 14:

Todays session saw the team commence the task of clearing all the remaining foliage and small offshoots of the holly bush. The completion of this task will enable the staff to lay down the patio for the quiet area. The staff also set about removing dead crawlers off the fence and the arduous task of removing the large mound of soil that had been collected over many years.

The area at the start of the session and at the end of the session, clear of all excess foliage.”

— David Dellow, Senior Support Worker, Redcroft.

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