Nature Garden, Final Update…

You may recall last year’s fabulous blog posts by David Dellow of Redcroft. David embarked on a transformative nature garden project at our Southbourne care home, Redcroft. Spanning several months progress was tracked, from scrubby patch behind the chicken run, to what is now a haven for an abundance of wildlife. Thank you, David and team, for all your hard work!

David is delighted to share with you his final nature garden instalment:

The Journey Ends.

Ten months after work commenced, the nature garden has been finished. The last few months have seen the commencement and completion of several tasks that have truly transformed the garden. These include laying a gravel path, creation of ‘Gnome mountain,’ and the reimagining and renovation of the sensory garden. The nature garden, like the rest of the world, was impacted by the spread of Covid – in this case the long-planned creation of a BBQ area made way for the home’s Covid visitor pod. However, this is not a bad thing for once the pandemic has passed it will make a great wildlife-watching hut (and another area has been earmarked by the team for the BBQ area, ssshhhh don’t tell the bosses!)  

First picture: Gnome garden (there are many additions planned to this community).

Second picture: The reimagined sensory garden (which looks wonderful at night when all the lights come into effect).

Third picture: The gravel path leading to our visitor pod (or, as we refer to it, our future wildlife-watching hut). 

As we conclude the journey that was the creation of the nature garden, we hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as we have.

Until we start our next project

Take care

David Dellow, Redcroft Deputy Manager, and the Redcroft garden team.

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