Creating a Nature Garden… (Part Three)

Today sees the continuation of David Dellow’s report from the remote reaches of the garden at Redcroft care home; behind the chicken run and sensory garden, in a previously jungle-like patch of vegetation. Joined by Chief Nature Garden Designer, S, here is their next update:

Creating a Nature Garden, Tenth Session:

“Todays session saw a big leap in the development of the garden. We decided to challenge the almost mythical pile beside the wall. This area has been provisional earmarked as BBQ/Quiet area, so the idea was to simply shift through the pile:

However as the saying goes ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ as this pile turned into a gold mine (not literally sadly) for material to use in the garden.

Firstly we found enough clean paving slab pieces for the following, to create a little patio area for the bird bath and also the start of our path:

We also found enough slabs with excess cement on them to cover a large area of the quiet area (once we have removed the excess cement). In addition we found a large amount of small bricks and debris, there was such a large amount that we used them to create a border between the path to the quiet area and the nature garden:

Amongst the pile we also found interesting items such as a base for a basketball pole and a 5 foot slide! Suffice to say that the pile of mystery is now greatly reduced!

Session Eleven:

Today was a day of great progress. First we widened the path at certain junctions to ensure they were easier to navigate. Then the team set about finishing clearing away the pile from yesterday and then decided to turn their attention to the 4ft pile of wood. The clearing of these two piles would open the space and allow for planning of the quiet area/BBQ area to begin. The intention was just to start clearing the pile well this happened: 

The team managed to clear a massive 90% of the area. The clearing of the piles produced the following, wood for chipping:

As well as slabs and bricks for paving and footpaths. Treasure!

Session Twelve:

Today was a continuation of the work of clearing the quiet area of the remaining foliage/wood. The team again worked hard and by the end of the session had managed to clear around 90% of the area!

Don’t forget to check back soon for our next update on our nature garden.” –David Dellow, Redcroft.

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