Our Ops Director Gets Her Flu Jab…

Once again everyone at Apple House Ltd are getting their flu vaccinations to prepare for the winter ahead. Today I went to our local pharmacy and had this year’s flu vaccination.
Throughout our services we are promoting the uptake of the vaccine in order to be protected against the flu which can have an enormous effect on people’s health, not only for themselves but for those close to them. 
You can see our previous blog post here whereby we pledge our support to Public Health England’s campaign to promote the vaccination.
My pharmacist said that ‘the sooner the better’ for getting your vaccination and the more people that have it then the more effective it is; it’s called the ‘herd’ effect.
Frontline support carers will receive the vaccination for free. It’s easy to do and doesn’t hurt a bit. 
The vaccination is inactive and does not give you the flu.

Romaine is now protected against flu!

“Help protect yourself, your family and the people you support. Get your free flu jab”. — Romaine Lawson, Director of Operations, Apple House care group.

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