Time To Get Your Flu Jab!

Here at Apple House care homes, our flu vaccination campaign for this year is in full swing. Protecting the people we support, our families and people we come into contact with each day in our varied lives is so important.

For the coming 2019/20 flu season we at Apple House are part of the Public Health England and NHS England & NHS Improvement campaign which focusses on the protective benefit of the flu vaccination using a “Shield” motif.

If you work with people in health or social care, you’re more likely to be exposed to flu – and to pass it on. That’s why the flu vaccination is free to all frontline health and social care workers and we promote this as the preferred route for all of our teams.

Being healthy won’t stop you getting flu or passing it on. The flu virus can infect anybody, and even someone with no visible symptoms is still at risk of passing the virus on. Flu virus strains change, so it’s important to have a flu jab every year ahead of the flu season. And remember, having a flu jab can’t give you the flu.

Help protect yourself, your family and the people you support. Get your free flu jab.

–Romaine Lawson, Director of Operations, Apple House care group.

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