Creating A Nature Garden… (Part 2)

David Dellow from our senior team at Redcroft care home, along with S, shares more progress on the creation of their wonderful nature garden behind the chicken run and cabin:

Nature Garden Creation, Third and Fourth Sessions:

“Sessions 4 and 5 saw a continuation of the process of creating a footpath through the garden to ensure everyone has access. It was heavy work, but the end results were noticeable and made the efforts worthwhile. One highlight was digging round the fallen tree and in doing so starting the process of turning this once magnificent tree into a marvellous seat.

The team also noticed that, like many pop bands before, they now have their own fan club, although instead of screaming fans the team have a devoted following of local Robins who take great delight in investigating the team’s hard work for food.

David’s Number One Fan

Session Six:

Session 6 was relatively short in the garden due to the unpredictable English weather (RAIN !!). However, we did manage to clear all the loose foliage from the area where there are bird bath stands. We also removed a lot of dead branches from around the large tree at the back of the garden (you could say we spent our time getting rid of a lot of deadwood) which we intend to make the centre piece of our future bird neighbourhood.

Although rain halted play in the garden, we diverted our efforts into researching actions/steps we could undertake to attract more wildlife.

The area for our bird bath that is now clear of loose foliage and in the background is the grand tree that will hopefully become the hub for our bird community

Sessions Seven, Eight and Nine:

Sessions 7, 8 and 9 of our nature garden creation project were spent clearing a path to the area that will become the BBQ/Quiet area. The team worked very hard and uncovered many unexpected items such as the large rocks pictured in the first picture below. We also started work on clearing the foliage from the rockery as we have now also decided to overhaul the Sensory area and add to the hard work carried out several years ago.

To be continued! Please check back here soon.” — David Dellow, Redcroft.

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