Corner Cottage Rated ‘Good’ By CQC In All 5 Key Areas.

We are delighted to announce our recent CQC inspection report for Corner Cottage has been rated “Good” in all 5 key areas. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication our team there has put into keeping people safe and well looked after during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Our team at Corner Cottage, led by Sally and Bob, have gone over and above to ensure they are leading by example and supporting the whole home to thrive.
The CQC visit took place on the 28th April 2021. Some of the comments represented in the report are..
Throughout the inspection we observed positive interactions between staff and people. Staff showed genuine warmth and compassion when supporting people. Staff knew people well; they knew what was important to them, their likes and dislikes and respected their wishes. This enabled staff to support people in ways they preferred. The service took a person-centred approach to care and support. Staff were respectful about the people they supported and had completed training on equality and diversity. People’s care plans and support records set out aspects of their characteristics, beliefs and preferences to ensure their equality and diversity were respected.
People were supported and encouraged to express their views about how they received their care. A member of staff told us, “It is so lovely here, everything is for the residents, it’s all about them, it’s fantastic. [Person] chooses who they want to support them with their care and their wishes are always respected.” People, family members, staff and health care professionals were all involved in decisions regarding ongoing care and support. Staff supported people to make choices affecting their daily care and support. Support plans considered people’s disabilities, age, gender, relationships, religion and cultural needs. There were weekly house meetings where people were given the opportunity to share information that was important to them and put forward their views, preferences and ideas. Staff offered people encouragement and support to make decisions they may find difficult. Staff respected people’s choices and their rights to do what they wished.

Registered manager, Sally, said of the report, ‘My team have all worked very hard over the last twelve months, during this very difficult time in the world, and this wonderful outcome reflects the amount of effort and dedication we have all put in.’

Thank you so much to the wider team, families and individuals all involved with Corner Cottage to make it such a wonderful place to live.
You can see the full CQC report here:
Romaine LawsonDirector of Operations

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