We love butterflies…

Man has achieved some incredible things.  We build, we invent, we extract from nature the resources to feed, to heal, to beautify our world.

But, what does man put back?  What do we give Mother Nature in return for all her gifts to us?


Yes, those beautiful, rarely noticed little things who flit around our gardens and catch our eye from time to time.  Here at Apple House care homes, we really do love them.

Not only do we love them, we’ve been GROWING them!

Watching butterflies grow, waiting to release them -Summerwood.

“Our butterflies hatched over the bank holiday. The butterflies arrived as caterpillars and we all watched them grow into big caterpillars and then make themselves into a cacoon . A few days later they hatched into beautiful butterflies which we are feeding before releasing them this weekend.” ––John Caslake, Registered Manager, Summerwood.

Our residents have followed the remarkable process of butterfly development, from chrysalis to freedom.  Here is the journey of Apple House care home’s own butterflies:

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 09.42.56

“Here is the journey of our butterflies, now set free!” –– Jayne Jackson, Registered Manager, Apple House Care Home.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 09.46.30

There is an incredible sense of achievement in nurturing and then releasing the butterflies.  To see them flutter away and know that, in a small way, we’ve increased the dwindling number of butterflies is brilliant!

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