VE Day at Corner Cottage…

“Wow! What a beautiful day we had last Friday to commemorate VE day. The bungalow had been decorated with bunting, streamers, and enough Union Jacks to jump out of a plane with! Pam had been busy making cupcakes with M, with Patience making cornflake cakes. Paul made the truly English egg sandwiches. Where was bob? I hear you ask. Bob was busy getting dressed in full Scottish attire!

T and M enjoyed an afternoon tea, sat in the garden basking in the British sunshine, with chocolate cake, strawberry cupcakes and fizzy elderflower cordial. Once everybody’s tummies were full the afternoon entertainment began with Bob filling the air with the beautiful sound of the Scottish bagpipes.

Shared with kind permission.

M and T watched in amazement as Bob played for them. Bob, M and T then went out into the front garden so Bob could play for our lovely neighbours who all gave a round of applause for Bob.

A truly memorable day I’m sure you will agree.” — Sally Fox, Manager, Corner Cottage care home.

Jane Montrose, Managing Director of Apple House care homes, said of Bob, “I can’t thank Bob enough for helping to make Corner Cottage’s VE Day celebrations so memorable. He put a great deal of effort into looking just right in his Scottish finery complete with bagpipes and it was much appreciated by all. I’m sure the neighbours had an absolute treat that afternoon too!”

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