Redcroft: Cooking Up The Perfect Recipe With Braille…

There is something very therapeutic about cooking.  Mastering techniques and putting one’s own creative spin on a well-loved recipe. Collecting eggs from our Redcroft hens and reaching for a cook book for that special cake recipe…

But, wait a minute! 

Cookery should be accessible to all who love it, shouldn’t it?  We think so!  Which is why, when ‘L’ (who is registered blind) showed a culinary passion, we decided to set out and find a way to make all our cookery books accessible to her in the format she knew best.

Redcroft contacted RNIB and began working with them to create an entire library of cookery books in braille just for ‘L’

Six volumes so far! ‘L’ is thrilled and enjoying the challenge of discovering new recipes and tasting her own wonderful and complex creations in the kitchen.

Copyright: Redcroft Care Home

This got us thinking…

‘L’ already has a braille machine, already prepares an agenda, chairs house meetings. But, if we can produce SIX entire volumes of cookery books, can’t we do more?

New mission: Create an entire library in braille right here at Redcroft! Watch this space!

Choice, we all need it and deserve it. Choice in reading and recreation should also be accessible to all. It underpins what we do and who we are.

— Jane Montrose, Managing Director

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