Our Bug Houses…

We are mad for bug houses!

What are bug houses?

Insects are so beneficial for our gardens, or at least some are!  Lurking in the lupins and hiding in the hyacinths are a plethora of absolute pests such as aphids, mealybugs and other nasty leaf-chompers.

We don’t like pesticides.  We love our gardens and our vegetable patches.  The natural solution is to attract the ‘right’ kind of bugs to battle pests and to ensure the eco-balance of our beautiful outdoor spaces.

This is why the latest additions to our garden at Redcroft care home are Bug Houses!  These little boxes of corrugated tubes are proven to attract insects and ours will nestle in our flower and veggie beds from the spring onwards.  Not only do they further enhance what is fast becoming an ‘eco garden,’ we are actually looking forward to studying the bugs that we collect.


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