Nature Garden Update!

Session 15:

“After a break from working on the nature garden to assist other team members with their exciting projects, we once again turned our attention to the nature garden. In particular the solving of the one glaring issue since work on the garden began. At present the nature garden could be accessed either side of the Cabin; these access points are fine for those who are able-bodied and confident on their feet. However to be truly accessible for everyone there needed to be an access suitable for everyone. This had been a problem that the team could not seem to solve and had been a stumbling point. However, whilst working on projects for other team members, it had dawned on the Team that there was an area big enough behind the rockery to create such a path so eureka! problem solved and the team were raring to go.

This was what faced the team and after a quick clear up of all the loose foliage the team went round the other side to clear the loose bricks and were ready to clear a path through. Nice and easy until…disaster struck!

The quick clearance job suddenly turned into seemingly mission impossible. The team, determined not to be beaten, dug around the stones to see if any further surprises were waiting and…

It seemed that the team had stumbled across an old wall buried by time and mother nature. The team felt their hearts drop to their stomachs. However, spurred on by encouragement and curiosity from the residents and staff members, they perceived to see exactly what they were faced with.

As if by magic or pure good fortune, the “wall” turned out to be lumps of ore and debris buried and compacted together through time. Piece by piece the team managed to remove the obstructions including:

This little ‘boulder’ the team named Hercules, which weighs in at a rather impressive 78kg (yes the team actually weighed it!)

The team managed to remove all the obstructions except for one rather large rock that was entwined with tree roots. The team christened that particular rock ‘Father time’ as it looked like it had been next to the tree since forever.

The team then set about burying the exposed roots and laying a dirt path down. Luckily they had recently participated in another project (more about that at a later date) which meant there was plenty of dirt to use.

So after all the hard work and effort…

The Team can proudly present the new path and access point to the nature garden.” — David Dellow, Senior Team Leader, Redcroft Care Home.

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