Apple House take to the high seas…

Life at Apple House care home really is plain sailing…

We are thrilled to be able to benefit from a quite remarkable charitable organisation called New Forest and District Sailability.

NFDS state on their website:

New Forest and District Sailability (NFDS) is based at Spinnaker Sailing Club, Ringwood and enables people with disabilities to enjoy the exciting sport of sailing. You can learn to sail a dinghy, sit back and relax whilst someone else takes you for a trip, take part in races.

All this within the safe confines of our beautiful lake in the heart of the New Forest.

As you can see from our photos, (kindly shared with the permission of those featured), Sailability is quite simply FUN!  D and J once again demonstrated their prowess in steering and navigation, while C supervised the entire operation from HQ (café).

In addition to sailing, D will also be undertaking waterskiing lessons with Sailability during the summer.  This is not the first time that he has mastered this very difficult challenge so we look forward to cheering from the lakeside again!  Our very own ‘James Bond,’ D will also be taking to the air in a helicopter to celebrate a milestone birthday, having previously had a flying lesson in a light aircraft.

— JM

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