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Making health and safety fun…

“Care homes differ from other workplaces because they are not only places of work but are also homes for their residents. It is therefore important that they are pleasant places where the freedom and dignity of residents is respected, and where everyone’s health and safety is sensibly and effectively managed.” — HSE, Health and Safety in Care Homes, 2nd Edition.

As a care home group we take health and safety seriously.  This means keeping everyone safe, including staff and residents and people visiting our properties.  However, we believe that everyone should be involved in keeping their home safe which is why we actively encourage and facilitate measures which incorporate health and safety into daily living with those who live in and use our services.

That doesn’t sound much fun though, right?

Wrong! We believe that even legislative and procedural matters can be made fun if approached in the right way.  The HSE supports our ethos.  They state, ‘A person-centred approach, working with the resident, family and professionals involved, may help achieve the outcomes that matter to the resident.’  They go on to say, ‘Discussing capacity will help the resident think through the possible consequences, positive or negative, of any action or inaction. This enables everyone involved to explore the issues, make informed choices and accept responsibilities.  Arrangements can then be provided which go as far as possible towards meeting the individual’s aspirations, while recognising their limitations and managing any risks to themselves and others.’

Again, where’s the fun in that?

Ah ha! We are not reinventing the wheel by using fun quizzes as a learning aid.  There are multiple studies available on the web which evidence the importance of using pictures, easy-read words and symbols and quizzes as part of a wider approach to helping with learning and sharing information.  Similar studies demonstrate that learning and retaining information is increased when it is done in a fun way and a relaxed environment.

Here’s what Milosz from Apple House care home had to say about their Health and Safety quiz:

“D, C and J were quite enthusiastic about the Health and Safety quiz and did their best to impress everyone with their knowledge. Some questions were a piece of cake for them, while others turned out to be a hard nut to crack! Fortunately, consultations were allowed and the spirit of co-operation proved stronger than the thrill of rivalry.

At the end of the day it’s all about team work at Apple House! Eventually, the collective effort paid off and the team passed the quiz with flying colours. This was a fun and informative house meeting, just like they always are. :-)” — Milosz, Deputy Manager, Apple House Care Home.

Pic shared with the kind permission of those featured.

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