A grand old Edwardian lady…

“Redcroft is a wonderful building.  Its history is as colourful as the paintings that adorn its walls.  It’s been a family home, a doctor’s surgery.  Dating back to the start of the last century, it retains a charm that is inherent in buildings of its age.  We were determined, when we bought the house many years ago, to keep all of the features that made it so unique.  There are servants bells scattered around the house.  I have tried to ring for a cup of tea, to no avail 😉


“There is something magical about the grand staircase and original bannister at Redcroft.  It’s easy to imagine the lady of the house sweeping down, dressed for dinner.  But, it’s like painting the Eiffel Tower – as soon as you finish, it needs doing again!  Maintenance is always ongoing and in keeping with the character of the house as far as practicably possible.  This week sees the replacement of two windows with new.  It really pains me to see the old ripped out but bees made an annual pilgrimage through gaps in the old.  Doubtless tons of honey will stay locked in the rafters for years to come.  There is more work to do but we are so proud of this wonderful home that we will do it carefully, sympathetically and always with a sense of fun.” –– Jane Montrose, Managing Director.

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