Winter Flu Jabs ~ keeping those bugs away!

Championing the winter flu jabs!

Today I went to get my winter flu jab. We think that it is so important to have the immunisation on offer and to provide all of the information available in order to assist in keeping our teams and people we support as healthy as possible.
The immunisation is available across the country in pharmacies and GP surgeries.
I went to my local Boots today and had a consultation with the pharmacist, Vera, who was really helpful. Pharmacist are experts in medications and are brilliant at explaining exactly what you can expect from the immunisation. The area is private and you have time to ask questions. Vera explained about this year’s vaccine, asked me about any medication I am currently taking and went through all the relevant information to ensure that the service was suitable for me.
Director of Operations, Romaine Lawson, feeling brave!

As it happens! It didn’t hurt a bit. I then waited in the pharmacy for a few minutes so that the pharmacist could ensure that there weren’t any adverse reactions. Then I was on my way. It is very quick and easy. I’d recommend everyone to at least consider the option. I’ve now got piece of mind that I’ve gone some way to protect myself from illness.

You can click on the link below to see this years national flu plan.

The annual flu letter describes the national flu immunisation programme for 2017 to 2018, and outlines which groups are eligible for flu vaccination.

It is supported by the flu plan which sets out a coordinated and evidence-based approach to planning for, and responding to, the demands of flu across England.
As a company we produce winter action plans and work towards a healthy winter!
— Romaine Lawson, Director of Operations.

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