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Apple House care homes are proud supporters of local and national charities.  We are delighted to now be supporting Alzheimers Research Uk.

Receiving no government funding for their research, they are completely dependent on the generosity of supporters to fund their pioneering research programme.

“Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes dementia. It is the most common cause of dementia, accounting for about two-thirds of cases in the elderly”–Alzheimers Research Uk.

Typical early symptoms of Alzheimer’s include:

  • Regularly forgetting recent events, names and faces.
  • Becoming increasingly repetitive.
  • Regularly misplacing items or putting them in odd places.
  • Confusion about the time of day.
  • Disorientation, especially away from your normal surroundings.
  • Getting lost.
  • Problems finding the right words.
  • Mood or behaviour problems such as apathy, irritability, or losing confidence.

Alzheimer’s gets worse over time, but the speed of change varies from person to person.

As Alzheimer’s progresses:

  • People will find that their ability to remember, think and make decisions worsens.
  • Communication and language become more difficult.
  • A person’s behaviour may change and some people can become sad or depressed.
  • Anxieties or phobias are quite common.
  • People may experience hallucinations, where they may see things or people that aren’t there.
  • Problems with sleeping and restlessness at night often occur.
  • Anger or agitation become more common.
  • People may become increasingly unsteady on their feet and fall more often.
  • People gradually require more help with daily activities like dressing, toileting and eating.

At Apple House, we have first hand experience of the debilitating effects of the above symptoms; this is a degenerative disease that doesn’t only affect the very elderly.  We know that by supporting Alzheimers Research Uk with a monthly donation it is still not enough.  They need your support too, to help them continue their pioneering work that focuses on prevention, treatment and a cure.

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