Summer at Summerwood…

Leading a busy life is something we all take for granted. There never seems to be enough time to do everything we would really like.
For people with learning difficulties having access to enough meaningful tasks can be challenging, especially in an age of austerity and cuts; a time where benefits and services are being slashed and everyone is looking at new ways to save money.
People with LD need support to access all the activities they would like to do and often find that having the right motivation is the key. For that they need dedicated staff who know and understand their needs.
Finding activities that reflect needs, are meaningful and that are within limited budgets presents with considerable problems. This is exacerbated when you need to take a carer wherever you go.
At Summerwood we have found that keeping things simple works best.
  • We look at activities that are achievable and person centred but that also have an aim and purpose.
  • We like to have fun but realise that life is not only about enjoying ourselves. Having freedom to choose what we do every day is a right but along with it comes our responsibility – to ourselves and those around us. Sometimes doing daily chores can be challenging but they are essential to keeping us fit and healthy.

So how do we put this ethos into practice?

Over the past few weeks, as well as our daily chores like cooking and cleaning, we have continued with our volunteer litter picking and have also been bowling, met a very well behaved dog, visited a lifeboat station, kept fit in the gym and swimming, set up our sensory garden complete with solar lights, tended our veg patch and our hanging baskets look fantastic!
Now that college has finished, we have Creative Arts coming in to work with us on focused art activities which always result in some fantastic displays in our art corner.
Summer is definitely set up to be full of fun but also very productive 🙂
–John Caslake, Registered Manager, Summerwood Care Home.


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