We’re excited to be working in partnership with Nourish care systems in that we will soon be running a trial of their electronic care management system at Redcroft.  We will work closely with the multi-disciplinary teams, residents and their families and advocates, to ensure that all parties are fully involved in the process.

Nourish state that they: “work closely with care providers, local health and social care organisations, as well as families and communities to improve how care is managed, delivered, monitored and improved.  Our game-changing mobile and cloud applications are designed to make care management more effective, care work more satisfying, and staying in touch with loved ones simpler and more reassuring.”  They go on to say, “from keeping track of health and wellbeing, to managing daily care tasks, to alerting everyone who needs to know, when they need to know, Nourish keeps everyone in the loop by connecting them in real time to the information that really matters.”

Our company ethos has been, and continues to be, that we continually evolve our service and keep up to date with best practice and advances in health and social care.  So, it’s a natural progression for us to move forward in this way, as many hospitals and care providers are doing, and to embrace technology and a more paperless environment.  Home is at our core and our hearts and I fully support a decrease in the plethora of documentation that historically care providers have been required to display, retain and clutter the home with.  Nourish is a fabulous and innovative alternative and we look forward to introducing their system into our homes.

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