Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish all of our teams, families and loved ones and our wider health and social services teams a very merry Christmas and holiday period.

Our teams are working hard to ensure a safe and peaceful Christmas can and will be enjoyed for all the people we support.

We have seen the introduction of Lateral Flow Device tests (LFD) and our staff are busy attending the webinars and training to ensure that these can be delivered in a timely manner. You can see more information regarding these tests here

Our teams have gone over and above this year in their commitment to our company and we can’t thank everyone enough for the extra effort we know the pandemic has made everyone make. We have all had to adapt how we think, what we do and how we see our family and friends. Frontline workers have been recognised for the work they do and this is long overdue. We want to see the celebration of our wonderful carers and managers applauded by the country as much as we do each and every day.

We have been keeping our readers up to date with the latest Governement guidance where possible. Please bear in mind that this is fluid and changes to meet the latest decisions taken centrally. For the latest guidance please go to the site.

— Romaine Lawson, Director of Operations, Apple House Care Homes.

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