John’s Campaign: The “Third Force” in Residential Care

“Staff [in care homes] should do all within their power to make access easy for family carers and utilise their expert knowledge and their love.” —John’s Campaign

We posted an article right here on our blog back in March 2017, about John’s Campaign, about our reasons for signing up to it, the importance of really welcoming families and friends of residents in residential care.  Not doing so as visitors, but as an intrinsic part of the wider team that encompasses the individual themselves, care staff, and the circle of family and friends who often know the individual in a far deeper and meaningful way than even the most diligent carers can.

Next month we’ll be featuring another post on this very topic because it’s so dear to our hearts (and we’ve plenty more to say!).  In the meantime, can I please ask that you make a cuppa and take a moment to read Julia Jones’s fascinating article on the John’s Campaign blog? Please click HERE to read about The “Third Force” in Residential Care.


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