A Devon Adventure…

Milosz, Deputy Manager at Apple House care home, shares his account of a wonderful holiday in Devon where he and our team supported four individuals to make memories in one of the most beautiful destinations in the South West:
“Our adventure began as soon as we had gone past a”Welcome to Devon” sign on our way to charming resort of Paignton. The English riviera greeted us with azure sky, refreshing breeze from the sea and… delicious Devonian scones prepared especially for us by our kind and welcoming hosts!
Our spacious, comfortable and beatifully located cottage was a great base for short excursions as well as day trips. The mesmerising sea view from our terrace was more than enough for us to fall in love with Tor Bay instantly!
Our first trip to Paignton ZOO was a great opportunity for some of us to impress everyone with their knowledge of wildlife, as well as a chance to see the creatures we haven’t even heard of before. How many of you, Dear Readers, know what a Swainson’s Lorikeet is? Well, WE do now!
Waving goodbye to quarrelling baboons we decided to move on to some more tranquil activity. A boat cruise up the River Dart seemed just a perfect choice to relax and unwind.
“The more you get, the more you want” – this is how we felt back on the dry shore. Therefore we chose to do even more travelling, this time on a slightly different means of transport. Accompanied by a cheerful sound of whistle we set on a journey along the coast of Tor Bay on a steam train! Going among the hills, through viaducts and tunnels we marvelled the natural beauty of the coast and fairy tale-like stations and villages.
With appetite for more excitement the bravest of us volunteered to reach the sky in an gondola of observation wheel soaring 200 metres over Torquay. Yet another tick on our bucket list!
We left enchanting Devon loaded with souvenirs, gifts for our loved ones, and most importantly, with everlasting memories. Back at Apple House we regret only one thing – we forgot to ask for a recipe for that delicious Rolo Cheesecake we indulged ourselves with in one of local Devonian pubs…”
— Milosz, Deputy Manager, Apple House care home.

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  1. | 26th Sep 18

    I would like to echo the enthusiasm of everyone on the return to Apple House. A big thank you to Milosz for arranging the holiday based on the wishes of the people who live here.

    The family also enjoyed seeing the pictures and their gifts.


    • Applehouse | 2nd Oct 18

      Great to hear this fabulous feedback, Jayne, thank you!

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