Apple House: Working With QCS…

We are proud to announce that Apple House care homes and Quality Compliance Systems are now working in Partnership. We pride ourselves in striving to keep professionally updated and implementing the highest quality practices to produce the best possible outcomes for the people we support.

We recognise as a company that working with the people who can specialise in the best proved systems in our field will afford us the time to do what we do best and provide outstanding care and support. 

Quality Compliance Systems are a market leader in the Care Sector for providing expert written Policies and Procedures, with over 50,000 users accessing the System daily.

QCS has provided Apple House documents completely personalised to our company.

The System is an online platform in which each staff member will be provided their own login details and will be able to access all available policies and procedures. Each person will also have their own reading list which will assist in their individual training pathway.

As part of the partnership, Quality Compliance Systems offers a Customer Care Support Team to help our teams every step of the way. Our staff teams will be able to contact them at any point for any support needed.

Apple House and QCS are committed to supporting all employees, and we welcome people to come to either of us with any questions or feedback.

The Managers of each Home have been undergoing individual training sessions for the new system and are now available to answer any questions.

One of the joys of implementing this system is the instant updates and an easy-to-use online interface; the system provides fast access to up-to-date policies and procedures. We look forward taking this forward and will keep you updated with the implementation across the company.

— Romaine Lawson, Director of Operations, Apple House Ltd

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